Public CoursesiQ.Virtual Training

To meet the demand for skills development, while managing expenses and time away from work, you can build your business iQ with online courses in iQ Training’s virtual classroom. This flexible and sustainable option is a convenient choice for those looking to develop professional skills on-demand.


  • Classes are held in 3-, 6-, or 8-week formats, giving you the flexibility to choose a pace that is right for you
  • Modules are released weekly. Presentations, exercises, teamwork, studying, and assessment activities can be completed at your convenience throughout the week
  • With this flexibility, students can complete activities after work, during designated study times, or on weekends
  • Live sessions with the instructor are regularly scheduled each week and are available as needed to have case-based, interactive discussions to maintain the interactive benefits of in-person training
  • On-line classes cover the same material and meet the same requirements as the classroom training, so you can rest assure you are receiving the highest quality training available
  • CEU credits and certificates are awarded after successful completion

Benefits of iQ Virtual Training:

  • Flexible: Learn at your own pace
  • Convenient: Reduce time away from work and home
  • Economical: Eliminate travel time and travel expenses
  • Sustainable: Reduced carbon footprint with the elimination of travel and printed materials
  • Quality: Classes are led by practicing, leading professionals in their fields, meet rigorous requirements, and earn you CEU credits