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Bring your team or even your entire organization together to hold on-site public training at your facility. Build business iQ for better organizational outcomes. Ensure everyone is part of the solution – involved in planning, implementing, and continually improving the organization’s capabilities with iQ on-site training.


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What to expect from On-Site Training:

  • You can use the request an on-site training proposal form, email, or give iQ Training a call to discuss on-site training at your facility.
  • Work with iQ Training staff to schedule a course that fits your staff’s skills development plan, timing, and location needs. We can help you determine which staff should attend. Almost all of iQ Training courses can be conducted on-site, allowing companies to plan a complete series of training for its team members.
  • On-site training courses require a minimum of 3 attendees and can have up to 20 attendees for a flat fee.
  • The iQ Training Instructor conducts public training courses at your facility during an agreed-upon time of day. With this, there is flexibility with start and end times.
  • An open and frank discussion among employees can take place without fear of divulging confidential information. These discussions often evolve into planning and implementation of new or improved programs that can result in better organizational outcomes for the company.
  • On-site training is great for employees who may only want or need to attend a portion of training. It’s also beneficial for those who may want to “check-in” on their worksite throughout the day and can be excuse if an issue arises.
  • iQ Training instructors are industry leaders who provide practical insight and expert guidance. With them you get the most current, applicable, up-to-date instruction on the standards and industry trends.
  • Courses include hands-on exercises that enable you to apply what you learn to your own business, interactive discussions to gain expert insights, open discussion that build capability, understanding, and application of new skills.
  • Courses are certified, earn you CEU credits, and certificates are awarded after successful completion.

Benefits of iQ On-Site Training:

  • Flexible: Work with iQ Training Staff to schedule or develop a course to meet your training, location, and timing needs.
  • Convenient: Reduce time away from work and home with the ability to “check-in” during work hours.
  • Exclusive: Free and open discussions with co-workers ensures everyone is part of the solution.
  • Economical: Eliminate travel time and travel expenses
  • Sustainable: Reduced carbon footprint with the elimination of travel.
  • Quality: Classes are led by practicing, leading professionals in their fields, meet rigorous requirements, and earn you CEU credits

If you are interested in conducting iQ Training courses on-site at your facility, call today.

Contact Jen Tomaro at jtomaro@iq.training or (724) 934-9000 x660