Public CoursesiQ.Classroom Training

Classic classroom training fosters networking and collaboration of people with different backgrounds opening the door to innovative thinking. Grow your business iQ by fully-immersing yourself in distraction-free instruction by a practicing, leading professional.

What to Expect from Classroom Training Courses:

  • Visit the iQ Training course schedule to select a course that fits your skills development plan, timing, and location needs. Classic classroom training is widely considered the best option when training for one or two employees is needed.
  • Easy and quick registration can be done right on-line.
  • Make travel arrangements that fit your schedule. Most iQ Training events are held in hotel meeting rooms for your convenience. You can stay right in the same building as your event giving you the opportunity to catch-up on work emails in the morning or sleep-in!
  • Courses are held in a private meeting rooms and are scheduled to begin at 8:00 a.m. and end at approximately 4:00 p.m. each day. iQ Training provides a complimentary lunch, as well as refreshments during the morning and afternoon breaks. This distraction-free environment gives you the ability to dig-in and focus on the information being presented.
  • iQ Training instructors are industry leaders who provide practical insight and expert guidance. With them you get the most current, applicable, up-to-date instruction on the standards and industry trends.
  • Courses include hands-on exercises that enable you to apply what you learn to your own business, interactive discussions to gain expert insights, networking opportunities with other industry professionals to build capability, understanding, and application of new skills.
  • Courses are certified, earn you CEU credits, and certificates are awarded after successful completion.

Benefits of iQ Classroom Training:

  • Convenient: Courses are constantly being added to the schedule across the entire U.S. Best option for training 1 or 2 people.
  • Collaborative: In-person instruction with networking opportunities lends itself to not only answered questions, but also new ways of thinking
  • Distraction-Free: Quiet and focused classroom fosters capability, understanding, and application of learning material
  • Quality: Classes are led by practicing, leading professionals in their fields, meet rigorous requirements, are certified, and earn you CEU credits
  • Opportunity: Attend a course in a new city or desirable climate!