iQ Training builds capability, understanding, and application of critical job and career skills.

Through certified training courses that are facilitated by practicing and experienced industry professionals, iQ Training uses best-practice methods to take an individual’s ability to the next level. iQ Training helps individuals leverage team-focused methods and collaborative problem-solving techniques to engage all stakeholders and deliver results with broader impacts to the organization.

What methods of training do we offer?

Is iQ Training right for me?

iQ Training courses are designed for managers, staff, and professionals who wish to develop new skills in critical topics affecting business today, including integrated management systems, corporate responsibility/sustainability (CSR/ESG), enterprise risk management, and high-performing built and living environments.

These evolving and growing areas call for considerable talent, planning, documentation, and execution. iQ Training works with you, your team, or even your entire organization to ensure everyone is part of the solution – involved in planning, implementing, and continually improving the organization’s capabilities. Whether you are new to an industry or a seasoned professional in an ever-evolving business environment, iQ Training has the courses that you need.

Still have questions?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on registering, cancellation, group costs, on-site training, and other topics.

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